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In the KA Test Lab™, we make sure each Kit and Ace product can stand up to the real test: your life.

How do we do it? By using the most extreme tests, executed by the most extreme humans.

Test Point 1.0


Clothing that doesn’t breathe?
Get out. Flow tests include thermal status variability trials and moisture vapour permeability tests to ensure air flow and temperature regulation.

Test Results: Optimal air flow achieved. Moisture permeability reduced.
Test Point 2.0


If you can’t move in it, why would you wear it? Kit and Ace products are rigorously tested for 4-way stretch, garment elasticity return quotient, and maintenance of structure.

Test Results: 4-way stretch confirmed. Garment structure maintained.
Test Point 289.2


Ever jumped into brand new trousers only to find they wear like sandpaper? The worst. All Kit and Ace fabrics are assessed for maximal comfort using our patented Soft-o-Meter™.

Test Results: Fabric achieved a 13/10 rating on Soft-o-Meter™.

Join the KA Test Lab™

We need new test subjects for the lab. Are you extreme enough?

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